ESL BLUE(s)   Troubleshooting present simple negative  

Here are some of the most common errors using the present simple negative forms.
The correct form is given first:

Correct FormsCommon Errors
I do not speak speak English very often. I  not speak  English very often.
I  speak not  English very often.
My friend does not do his homework so he has poor grades. My friend  don't do  his homework.
 When the subject (here = "My friend") is third person singular, use does not (doesn't).
He cannot come in. He is not a member. He  don't can  come in. He  don't is  a member.
 Do not use the auxiliary verb (do, does) with the verb to be and the modal verbs (must, can, should, may).
Why don't you come with us? Why  you don't come  with us?
 A negative question is similar to an affirmative question: you reverse the order of the subject and the auxiliary (do/does) You can also put not after the subject, but this is less common. (Why do you not come with us?)
It isn't cold so you don't need gloves. It  is'nt  cold.
 The apostrophe (') replaces the vowel that disappears.
It (i)s not cold = It's not cold.
It is n(o)t cold = It isn't cold.

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