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   Adjectives, Articles, Adverbs, etc.
Count and non-count nouns: Flash Quiz 1   Quiz 2   Quiz 3   Quiz 4   (1)
Create your own web page (1)
Family Ties:  Apostrophe s + vocabulary test (1)
Family Ties 2 (1) Timed Flash quiz/game.
Frustrating:  Adjectives ending in -ing/-ed   (1)
A Good Job:  Adjectives ending in -ing/-ed (1)
I'm Exhausted:  Flash quiz on adjectives ending in -ing/-ed (1)
Male/Female Words:  Flash quiz on matching words (1)
Night Skiing:  Use of how much/many    Original HTML quiz (1)
Opposites   Flash Quiz 1     Q2     Q3     Q4     Q5     Q6     Q7   (1)
Ordering Breakfast:  Use of a, an, some   Original HTML quiz  (1)
Place Names with or without 'the:'   (1)
Potatoes and Potato Chips:  Noun plurals (1)
Question Words:  Flash drag-and-drop quiz (1)
Call This a Party!  Some-/any-/no-body, etc (2)
Timed quizzes on high numbers (Flash):   Quiz 1    Quiz 2 (2)
Timed Quizzes on High Numbers, Listening (Flash):  Quiz 1  Quiz 2   (2)
Such a hard quiz!  Using Such/Such a(n) with count/non-count nouns (2)
The Camping Trip  Myself, yourself, each other, etc (2)
     See also: Double quiz on superlatives(1)
     See also: Double quiz on comparative/superlatives (2)

Animated Grammar Tutorials
Verb To Be Past Tense Questions plus more links (1)
Verb To Be Present Tense Questions plus more links (1)
Past tense: yes/no questions (1)
Animated Tutorial
Past tense: negative forms (1)
Animated Tutorial
When to double final consonants (1)
Animated Tutorial with Quiz

Be (I am, you are, etc.)
Animations: Questions with links to more.
Asking Questions Flash quiz with as-you-write feedback. (1)
How Old Are You? Flash multiple-choice quiz with feedback. (1)
I'm booking A Flight: There is/are. (1)
In My Apartment There's a ... Flash quiz. (1)
Personalized quiz Asking questions (1)
Renting an Apartment: There is / are.(1)
Stuck in Traffic: Present tense forms.(1)
Telephone Job Interview: Asking questions. (1)

Common Errors (from student compositions)
Modern Manners: Quiz (1)
Common Errors:  Flash multiple choice with feedback. (1)
Common Errors 2:  Flash multiple choice with feedback. (1)
Common Errors 3:  Flash multiple choice with feedback. (1)
Common Errors 4:  Flash multiple choice with feedback. (1)
Modern Love: Troubleshooting and quiz (2)
Part-Time Work and School: Troubleshooting and quiz (2)
Minor Irritations: Quiz (2)

Double Quizzes (trivia quizzes plus grammar)
Pot Luck  Focus: Past affirmative forms: regular/irregular (1)    (medium)
Pot Luck  Focus: Present simple (1)    (easy)
Pot Luck  Focus: Present simple questions (1)    (easy)
Pot Luck  Focus: Questions -- All Tenses (1)    (medium)
Pot Luck  Focus: Question words (1)    (medium)
Pot Luck:  Focus: Comparatives/Superlatives (Win a prize) (2)    (medium)
Pot Luck:  Focus: Passive verb forms in past (2)    (medium)
Pot Luck:  Focus: Superlatives (2)    (medium)
Pot Luck:  Focus: Verb forms (2)    (medium)
Space/Exploration:  Focus: Active/passive verbs (2)    (difficult)
     See also: Make it true (negative, present simple verb forms)(1)    (medium)
     See also: History trivia (affirmative, negative, past tense forms) (1)    (medium)

Past Tenses
Animations: Questions | Be - Questions | Negatives
List of Irregular Verbs + Rules
Flash quizzes on irregular forms:     A-B     C-D     E-F     G-H (1)
Flash quizzes on irregular forms:     K-M     P-S    S1     S2     T-W (1)
Flash review quizzes on irregular forms:     Quiz 1     Quiz 2 (1)
Flash quiz on verbs with similar past/present tense forms. (1)
Flash quiz on regular/irregular verbs. (1)
Flash word game past forms: Puzzle 1(1)  Puzzle 2(1)
     Puzzle 3(1)   Puzzle 4(1)   Puzzle 5(1)   Puzzle 6(1)
A Birthday Party:  Past tense questions (1)
A Disastrous Day  Flash quiz on irregular forms (1)
My Beard  Flash quiz on irregular forms (1)
Asking Questions:  Flash writing quiz with as-you-write feedback (1)
The Hockey Game:  Flash quiz on irregular forms (+ vocabulary) (1)
The Hallowe'en Party:  Affirmative forms (1)
A Little Accident  Flash quiz on irregular forms (1)
History Trivia:  A double quiz on past tense affirmatives and negatives (1)
Questions:  Flash multiple choice quiz (1)
Was Playing / Played:  Flash quiz on past and past in progress (1)
A Shorts Story:  Questions, was /were (1)
Dancing Duo:  Past vs. present perfect (how long?) (2)
Detective Story:  Reading for quiz that follows (detailed comprehension) (2)
Murder or Suicide:  Questions (2)
Hit by a Hurricane:  Affirmative and negative forms (2)
How long:  Flash quiz, past vs. present perfect (duration using for) (2)
Present perfect Irregular forms  Flash quiz with instant feedback (2)
A Ski Accident  All Tenses, focus on Imperfect (2)
What a Night!  Past perfect (had seen, etc.) (2)
Wish I Were There.  All tenses (2)
Bill Gates' Car:  Passives (past tense/other tenses) (3)
A good time to be away:  Passives (past tense) (3)
Hurricane:  Past tense passives (3)
     See also: Double quiz on regular/irregular forms (1)
     See also: Double quiz on past tense passives (2)
     See also: Game: Past Tense Minefield (1)
     See also: Game: Past Tense Minefield with Earth Tremors (1)  
     See also: Game: Past Tense Minefield with Timer (1)  

Present Progressive (I'm playing, etc.)
Having Fun in Old Montreal:   Flash quiz on progressive forms(1)
Hurricane on the Way:  A news report (1)
What are you doing? Asking Questions + Listening (1)
I'm Going to a Party:  Asking questions (2)
Fun and Games: A Clothes Test, or rather, a fun puzzle (1)

Present Simple (I play, etc.)
Almost a double quiz:  Negative, use/non-use of s ending, etc. (1)
Asking Questions? Flash quiz with as-you-write feedback.
Bill Gates and I:  Use/non-use of s ending, plus antonyms (1)
Bill and I (again):  Negative forms (1)
Hurricanes Happen:  Difference between the two present tenses (1)
Questions:  Flash multiple-choice quiz (1)
What do we do?  Flash quiz on questions, negative, etc. (1)
I'm Doing a Quiz:  Non-progressive verbs (2)
     See also: Double quiz on affirmative forms (1)
     See also: Double quiz on question forms (1)


Present simple versus progressive
Broken Down Blues (1) Flash drag-and-drop quiz (peapod)
His Favorite Sport:  Simple vs. progressive (1)
How Are You?  Timed Flash quiz on simple questions and answers (1)
Oh No! Not Another Quiz!  Simple vs. progressive (1)
Quick Quiz:  Grammar-book style quiz (1)
Vacation in the Sun:  Interactive flip quiz (1)
Who's playing? / Who plays? Easier version (1)     More difficult version  (2)
A Used Car:  Simple vs. progressive (2)
Dissatisfied Customer:  Simple vs. progressive (2)
Montreal's Old Port: Simple vs. progressive (2)
Tamtam in the Park: Simple vs. progressive (2)
     See also: Hurricane on the Way (1)
     See also: Hurricanes Happen (1)

Reading: Shark (2)

Detective Story (2) Urban Legends (3) Verbs: Different Tenses, Infinitives, Gerunds, etc.
Asking Questions (Flash): Quiz 1   Quiz 2  Different tenses. (1)
Montreal Drivers:  Negatives, different tenses (1)
My Friend Luisa:  Complete the sentence (1)
That's Absolutely False  Flash quiz on negative verb forms (1)
Do it:  Flash quiz on infinitives, gerunds, etc (2)
I Like Doing / to Do It  Flash quiz on infinitives, gerunds, etc (2)
I Really Like Doing / to Do It  Another Flash quiz (2)
Not a Waste of Time Flash quiz on negative verb forms. (2)
Walking the dog:  Use of must, have to (2)

Vocabulary: Problem Words
The Day of My Birth:  Java quiz on prepositions (general,
but especially related to time)
Differences between British and American English:   Flash (1)
Off to the Airport:  Prepositions: to / at (1)
See you at the show. Timed Flash quiz on prepositions to / at (1)
More Prepositions (general)  Timed Flash Quiz (1)  
Prepositions (general)  Timed Flash Quiz (1)  
Do this quiz. Make no mistakes:  Do / make (2)
In- or Im- before adjectives etc.  Timed Flash Quiz (2)
At   In   On  Java quiz on prepositions (2)
Tell Me What You Said:  Say / tell (2)
Live Free or Drown:  Say / tell (2)
Student Loan Blues:  Java quiz on prepositions (general) (2)
Proverbs:  Java quiz on meaning of proverbs (3)


Tutorial: HTML Basics               

Activities for ESL Students - I highly recommend this
free site with online quizzes, exercises and puzzles to help you
study English.

Common Errors Explained


A, an, some:   Original / Newer version

Bor-ED / Bor-ING:   Original / Newer version

DO / MAKE:   Original / Newer version

HOW BIG, HOW ...   Original / Newer version

MUST / HAVE TO:   Original / Newer version

My/yourself, Each Other, Etc:   Original / Newer version

Irregular Verb List + Rules :   Original / Newer version

Past Tense Forms:   Original / Newer version

Present (I'm playing, etc.):   Original / Newer version

Present (I play, etc.):   Original / Newer version

Present (I don't play, etc.):   Original / Newer version

Present (Do you play? etc.):   Original / Newer version

I GO / I AM GOING Etc:   Original / Newer version

Present - Non-progressive Forms:   Original / Newer version

SAY / TELL:   Original / Newer version

Something, Anything, Nothing, Etc:   Original / Newer version

TO Versus AT:   Original / Newer version


See also Animations (A)
     and Examples (E):

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     To Be Present Tense Questions (A)
     To Be ¨Past Tense Affirmative (E)
     To Be Past Tense Negative (E)
     To Be Past Tense Questions (A)

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