ESL BLUE(s)   Double Quiz: question words / general knowledge   

Double Quiz: Test your general knowledge / your knowledge of question words

Quiz on question words:   One word is missing from each question. Enter the missing word and use the buttons for feedback. Example below.Quiz on general knowledge: Click on the correct response. Check your score at end of quiz. Example below.

Example:   Many people are claustrophobic. are they afraid of?       high places
      closed spaces
      open spaces

1. of the following countries is not in South America?       Suriname
      Sierra Leone
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2. nose grows longer every time he tells a lie?       Mickey Mouse's
      Bugs Bunny's
      Bart Simpson's
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3. can you find penguins?       Antartica
      Northern Canada
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4. How meters are there in a kilometer?       100
      1 000
      10 000
      100 000
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5. often do The Olympic Games take place?       every year
      every four years
      every five years
      every ten years
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6. long does it take light from the sun to reach the earth?       20 minutes, 8 seconds
      2 minutes, 12 seconds
      8 minutes, 20 seconds
      12 minutes, 2 seconds
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7. old is the solar system?       450 million years
      4.5 billion years
      45 billion years
      450 billion years
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8. How countries have borders with Canada?       one
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9. are nocturnal animals most active?       in the morning
      in the afternoon
      in the early evening
      at night
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10. of the following mountains is not in Asia?       Mount Kilimanjaro
      Mount Fuji
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11. One of the following countries is not associated with the cultivation of coffee beans. Which ?       Kenya
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12. How of the human body is composed of oxygen?       two thirds
      one third
      one quarter
      one half
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13. What of vehicle floats on a cushion of air?       a supersonic plane
      a helicopter
      a hot-air balloon
      a hovercraft
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14. is glass made of?       sand
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15. How is a day on the planet Mars?       23 hours and 37 minutes
      24 hours exactly, the same as on Earth
      24 hours and 37 minutes
      25 hours and 37 minutes
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16. percentage of the atmosphere is composed of oxygen (approximately)?       21%
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17. Most great wines have cork stoppers. does cork come from?       the roots of certain trees
      the outer skin or bark of certain trees
      the inner core of certain trees
      the upper branches of certain trees
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18. does the hurricane season officially end in the North Atlantic?       in April
      in June
      in September
      in November
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19. is it important for plants to attract passing insects?       to continue to grow
      to reproduce
      to produce flowers
      to produce strong roots
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20. One of the following countries is in the southern hemisphere. one?       Angola
      the Philippines

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