ESL BLUE(s)   Double Quiz: verb forms / general knowledge   

Double Quiz: Test your general knowledge / your knowledge of verb forms

Quiz on verbs:   Enter the correct form of the word in parentheses. Use the buttons for feedback. Example below.Quiz on general knowledge: Click on the correct response. Check your score at end of quiz. Example below.

Example:   Many people are claustrophobic. What they afraid of?           (be)       high places
      closed spaces
      open spaces

1. One of the planets one and a half times bigger than all the other planets combined. Which planet is that?           (be)       Uranus
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2. Where William Shakespeare born?           (be)       London
      The American colonies
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3. Which people a famous war against the Trojans? It was the war that inspired the legend of the the wooden horse.           (fight)       The Greeks
      The Romans
      The Etruscans
      The Gauls
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4. How many milligrams there in half a kilogram?           (be)       50
      5 000
      500 000
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5. What do you call it when the moon in front of the sun, blocking out all the light?           (move)       A total eclipse of the sun
      A partial eclipse of the sun
      A total eclipse of the moon
      A partial eclipse of the moon
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6. What did Guglielmo Marconi in his parents` attic?           (invent)       Television
      The telephone
      The telegraph
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7. Who the mercury thermometer?           (invent)       D. G. Fahrenheit
      Leonardo da Vinci
      Isaac Newton
      Louis Pasteur
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8. What to objects in zero gravity?           (happen)       They explode
      They implode
      They float
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9. Some animals are called nocturnal. What does the term nocturnal ?           (mean)       They come out at night.
      They come out in the daytime.
      They sleep at night.
      They sleep all winter.
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10. When Columbus in America, where did he think he was?           (arrive)       Persia
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11. From which country do tacos from?           (come)       Colombia
      The United States
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12. Which country the largest population?           (have)       India
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13. Apart from France, which other countries with large populations francs?           (use)       Belgium and Switzerland
      Switzerland and Holland
      Holland and Germany
      Holland and Belgium
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14. Who the first human beings to walk on the moon?           (be)       Yuri Gargarin and Neil Armstrong
      Alan Shepard and Neil Armstrong
      Scott Glen and Neil Armstrong
      Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong
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15. Henry Ford the world`s first mass-produced car. What was its name?           (make)       The Model A Ford
      The Model T Ford
      The Model Z Ford
      The Model C Ford
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16. If someone an earthworm in half, what happens to it?           (cut)       It dies
      Only the front half lives
      Only the back half lives
      Both halves live
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17. Of which country Franco the leader until his death in 1975 ?           (be)       Italy
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18. Which baseball team the World Series in 1994?           (win)      The Atlanta Braves
      The Toronto Blue Jays
      The New York Yankees
      There was no winner
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19. What is the name of the mass of muscle that the lungs move so you can breathe?           (make)       triceps
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20. In computer language what does MB ?           (mean)       Megabyte
      Mass Power
      Memory Potential

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