ESL BLUE(s)   Troubleshooting: non-progressive (stative) verbs   

  • Some verbs are rarely used in the present continous form.

    Here is a list of those verbs:
    beNow I am a little tired.
    believeI believe God exists.
    belongThat is mine. It belongs to me.
    existMany people believe God exists.
    forget--"What's her name?" --"I forget."
    hateI hate this show. Let's leave.
    have*She has a beautiful family.
    hearOk. Now I hear it. It's not very loud.
    knowNow I know the answer. I'm glad.
    like (dislike)I like Susan but I dislike her husband.
    look likeThere are a lot of clouds. It looks like rain.
    loveI love the show. Let's stay until the end.
    mean"Exhausted" means "extremely tired."
    mindI have to leave. I hope you don't mind.
    needPlease come! I need your help.
    oweYou paid the bill, so I owe you at least $20.
    ownsThis is not my book. I don't know who owns it.
    preferI like tea but I prefer coffee.
    realizeNow I realize the problem. I don't study enough.
    rememberNow I remember where I left my keys.
    seeI see the sign but I can't read it. It's in Spanish.
    seemBill seems to be depressed. Let's talk to him.
    supposeI don't want to go but I suppose I should.
    think* (= believe)I think (believe) that he is wrong and you are right.
    understandNow I understand the rule.
    wantLinda called. She wants to come with us to the party.

    * These verbs have other meanings, and in these cases you can use the present continuous if you are referring to something that is happening now.
    Have can also mean:
    take (ex: a shower), eat, drink, experience (ex: problems).
    Boris is having problems with his weight, and look at him, he is having another donut with his coffee. He's crazy.
    Think can also mean:
    have ideas in one's mind, plan.
    Bob: A penny for your thoughts, Linda.
    Linda: I am thinking about my family.
    I often think about them when I'm alone.
    I am thinking of visiting them.

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