ESL BLUE(s)   Troubleshooting present simple affirmative    

Here are some of the most common errors using the simple present affirmative, preceded by their correct form:

Correct FormCommon Errors
My mother works very hard.
My parents work very hard.
My mother  work  very hard.
My parents  works  very hard.
  With the third person singular (he, she, it), you must add -s to most verbs.
You do not add -s when the subject is I, you, we, they.
My mother often watches tv in the evening. My mother often  watchs  tv in the evening.
  Add -es to verbs that end in -sh, -ch, -ss, x (examples: wash, watch, kiss, relax) and pronounce it as an extra syllable.
My father worries a lot. My father  worrys  a lot.
  Change y to i and add -es to verbs that end in a consonant + y (examples: carry, pity, try, cry).
There is no change when verbs end in a vowel + y. (example: play   > plays)

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