ESL Blues   Renting an Apartment: how?  is/are there?   

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How + adjective, is there, are there, etc.

In the box write the question that gives the underlined answer. When possible, use the same words as in the answer. Sometimes the first word(s) are given to help you compose the question.
Use your mouse or your tab button to move from one box to another. A combination of the mouse and tab button is quicker.

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Bob: Ms. Wright?

Owner: Speaking. Who is that, please?

Bob: My name is Bob Worle. I'm calling
about the furnished apartment on
Aubrey Street.
Correct responses:

Owner: I see. What would you like to know?
1. Bob: Or: What is the rent?

Owner: The rent is $950 a month.
2. Bob: Is there a lease to sign?

Owner: No, there's no lease to sign. (lease = rental contract)
3. Bob: How many rooms are there?

Owner: There are five rooms, apart from the bathroom.
4. Bob: How big is the apartment?

Owner: It's very big. It's about 1500 square feet.
5. Bob: Is it a quiet neighborhood?

Owner: Yes, it's a quiet neighborhood.
6. Bob: How many bedrooms are there?

Owner: There are three bedrooms.
7. Bob: Are they large (bedrooms)?

Owner: Yes, they are large bedrooms.
8. Bob: How big is the kitchen?

Owner: The kitchen is quite big.
9. Bob: Is there a microwave oven?

Owner: No, there's no microwave oven. There's just a fridge and a stove.
10. Bob: Is it a frost-free fridge?

Owner: Yes, it's a frost-free fridge.
11. Bob: Are there dishes and cutlery?

Owner: Yes, of course there are dishes and cutlery.
12. Bob: Is there a lot of light?

Owner: Yes, there's a lot of light.
13. Bob: How about the view?

Owner: The view is very beautiful.
14. Bob: Is there a park nearby?

Owner: Yes, there's a park nearby.
15. Bob: How far is the subway?

Owner: The subway is not very far, about three blocks.
16. Bob: Is there parking?

Owner: No, there is no parking, but you can easily
park on the street.
17. Bob: When can I see the apartment?

Owner: You can see the apartment this evening.

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