ESL BLUE(s)   Troubleshooting to versus at    
Here are some of the most common errors using to and at , preceded by their correct form:

Correct FormCommon Errors
I am going to my hotel. I am staying at the Hilton. I am going at my hotel.
I am staying to the Hilton.
To indicates a movement in the direction of.
At indicates position: there is no movement.
I'm excited. I'm going to college next year. I'm going to the college next year.
We do not use the with certain expressions:
  • I am going to college = I am studying at a college
  • I am going to the college. = I am going to the college (building).
    Compare:   I am going to (the) church.   I am going to (the)school.
  • I'm tired. I want to go home. I want to go to home.
    The expression is go home. Don't use to.
    However, when you are more precise: my home, my friend's home, you must use to
  • This weekend I'm going to my grandparents' home in the country.
  • Tomorrow I'm staying at home (or at the house). Tomorrow I'm staying at the home.
    We do not use the with certain expressions. For example:
  • She's not here. She's at work.
  • All my children are at school.

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